Updated: 11/23/2020

Storyboard Description

Describes Brian, his mental, physical traits and characterisation

Storyboard Text

  • Physical traits-He is about 160 cm tall.-He has olive skin.-He has hazel eyes.-He has messy, filthy chestnut brown hair.-He is slim but fit and strong.-He is covered in cuts, scrapes and bruises because he has to live roughly in the wilderness. -He is wearing soiled and ripped clothes as a result of spending months in the wild.
  • Mental traitsHe experiences different mental states and emotions: fear (because the airplane crashes, the pilot dies and he's by himself in the middle of nowhere), sadness and disappointment (because his parents recently divorced), resentfulness (because his mum had an affair with another man), depression (when he tries to kill himself because he has lost hope), grief (he wishes the pilot to rest in peace) , loneliness (because he is alone for many months). However, spending time in solitude changes him into a more grateful and appreciative person (he realises how beautiful the landscape is and he is thankful to be alive). Even though he has some dark moments, he has overall a positive mental attitude, willpower and determination to survive.
  • Other Characteristics (personality, behaviour)-He behaves bravely.-He doesn't get discouraged too easily.-He is capable and resourceful because he deals with all sorts of challenges.-He is resilient because he recovers quickly from difficult situations.-He is mature for his age because he behaves in a responsible and wise way.-He tries to keep calm and find solutions.-