Daily Life In the Roman Emipre
Updated: 1/15/2021
Daily Life In the Roman Emipre

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  • Daily Life in the Roman Empire
  • Not for all of us! What’s so good about your daily life?
  • Rome is an amazing place if you have money. For example, . . .
  • Life is great in the Roman Empire!
  • Housing
  • Okay where we live we have cramped apartments on dirty streets and our streets are filled with diseases and most kids didn't pass the age of 10 due to that.
  • Where we live we have beautiful temples and stately palaces. We will also spend money on silks, perfumes, jeweled weapons, and musical instruments.
  • Education
  • My sons went to school and learned trades and after that, they went to a public school. And we were super lucky that our kids didn't get sent to work because some of my friends' kids did and it was such a shame.
  • When my sons went to school we would tutor them, and since my son was an upper-class student he stayed in school still they were 12-13. And my sons will continue their studies since they are in a wealthy family.
  • Family
  • Life is horrible for me and my wife has to work to feed the whole family and never get rest in our junky home.
  • Life is great, I have a good political job and my wife teaches the slaves what to do at my grand expensive home.
  • Food
  • In the Roman empire which is the worst, I cook on small grills that caught things on fire a lot, but most of the time I eat fast food, dinner mostly just has chunks of asparagus and fish in it.
  • I love it here because I have a full kitchen that never burns a thing down, we got special appetizers like mice dipped in milk that my slave got from the expensive market.
  • The End
  • Poor vs. Rich Romans