Updated: 2/17/2021

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  • Sarah is a car lover. She always buy the latest and limited edition of cars. In fact, she has a total of 5 cars including the cars of her 2 children.
  • Good day ma'am! Welcome to Cars and Everything! May I know how can I help you?
  • Sure, ma'am! Let's talk about the details inside.
  • Hi! I would like to buy the limited edition car that your store advertised.
  • Oh, I'm sorry ma'am but based on your record, you already own 5 cars so that means that you cannot avail the limited edition car that you like.
  • I'm sorry ma'am but haven't you heard the news yesterday?
  • And what is the problem with that?
  • Yesterday...
  • According to the DENR, there is a scarcity of oil supply for the past 4 months and the top use of oil nowadays is for vehicle fuels. The secretary of DENR suggests that every family can only have a maximum of 2 cars to lessen the consuming of oil as fuels.
  • No, it's okay. I know that you are just doing your job and following the rules of the government. Also, thank you for informing me that our country is having oil scarcity. Now I will use my car less to save fuel.
  • I'm really sorry ma'am that your request to buy a car was declined because you already own 5 cars and according to the DENR, each family can only have a maximum of two cars.
  • Due to the oil scarcity in our country, the government suggests to lessen the use of vehicles to lessen the consumption of fuel since it is the most used product that came from oil. In that way, we will be able to maximize the production of oil for our needs and lessen our demand for our wants.
  • I would like you guys to know that from now on, we will manage the use of our cars to lessen the consumption of fuel since our country s having oil scarcity. If you are just going somewhere near, you can use bicycle or just walk.
  • Angela Olivia R. Estrada