English Assignment
Updated: 12/18/2020
English Assignment

Storyboard Text

  • But what would I wear?I have no jewelry.
  • servant
  • Here is an invitation for you to the ball.
  • I'm lost in ecstacy...
  • You can borrow anything!
  • What's your name?
  • Will you waltz with me?
  • Mathilde's husband comes home with an invitation to a ball. But Mathilde doesn't have anything to wear so her husband buys her a dress. Mathilde is still sad because she doesn't have jewelry to go with it. So her husband suggest to borrow a piece from her friend.
  • Why didn't you want to wear the wrap?
  • Mathilde visited her friend and she asked to borrow her jewelry. Her friend offered her any piece she wanted. She tried on everything and fell in love with a superb diamond necklace. Mathilde fell in love with her reflection with the expensive diamond necklace.
  • This place better have the necklace.
  • It was the night of the ball. Mathilde was the most beautiful. All the men sought to know her name and wanted to waltz with her. She was intoxicated with pleasure and was having the best night of her life.
  • Oh Mathilde, it was only a fake!
  • They left the ball on foot and found a shabby cab down by the river. Then the cab dropped them off at Rue des Martyrs. Once inside, Mathilde discovered that the necklace was missing. Her husband left to track down her necklace.
  • Madam Loisel had to learn the meaning of true hard work giving up all luxuries. One day on the streets she bumped into her old friend and told her the truth about the replacement diamond necklace. Her friend said "Oh Mathilde, it was only a fake."
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