Unknown Story
Updated: 2/17/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Good morning, Ana!
  • Hello, to my favorite cousin Lexi!
  • Do any of you know what day is today?
  • What day is it?I forgot once again.
  • I'm clueless, Ms. Smith.
  • We are very sorry, Principal. We will make the letter.
  • You forgot what day is today? Today is Women's International Day and you can make a letter in order to fix things.
  • We will never forget it again.
  • Auntie Alexa, we will make a letter to celebrate.
  • Mom, we forgot Women's International Day.
  • I'll leave. I'm very proud of you both.
  • Let show our teachers how proud we are of them.
  • That's the least we can do after all.
  • Bark!
  • Happy International Women's Day!
  • As the principal I can tell you that we are all really proud and surprise of our amazing students!
  • Our teachers deserve to be celebrated!