Ancient Israelites
Updated: 2/4/2020
Ancient Israelites
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  • When King David was young, Goliath had dared him to fight one-on-one. Young David was armed with his shepherd's staff, a slingshot, and five smooth stones and he stepped forward. Goliath rushed toward King David with a heavy spear in his hand. Goliath dropped dead, as King David hurled one stone straight at Goliath's forehead.
  • David's skill had impressed King Saul, so Saul decided to place his army under David's rule. David had continued to win more and more victories, as the women of Israel sang his praises: " Saul has slain his thousands, and David his tens of thousands. This had soon made Saul jealous of David, Saul had attempted to kill David, but David had escaped.
  • Once David returned and became king, he had united the Israelite tribes. The Philistines had been defeated by David and his army. David then had formed a capital city for Israel at Jerusalem. The capital had been built by the Israelite's, they had built the capital in the hill country away from the coast
  • King David had been a fine musician and poet, he is believed to have written many of the sacred songs found in the Hebrew Bible's Book of Psalms.
  • While David had been king, the Israelites had no problem being under his rule because they had enjoyed prosperous times. Farmers had helped grow the tough, dry land by building terraces on the steep hillsides.
  • As the Jews do today, after the death of David, the Israelites had honored him as their greatest king. At around 970 B.C.E, Solomon, son of David, had become the next Israelite king. Through trade and treaties with other people, as Solomon king, the region lived through a long period of peace. Solomon had established many cites and, the Hebrew Bible states that he built the first temple in Jerusalem.
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