Principles of the constitution
Updated: 3/3/2021
Principles of the constitution

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  • Federalism
  • Checks and balances/separation of powers
  • I'm the legislative branch
  • I'm the judicial branch
  • I'm the Executive branch
  • The limited government
  • I'm the central government
  • You cant have all the power. Do want to become like Brittan?
  • This the most important because we could have the rest of the principles without our federal government. Also federal government has power but what isn't given to them, is given to the states. Lastly the federal government runs are country.
  • We the people
  • This second because we cant have the branches without central government. Also if we didn't have checks and balances the branches would become tyrannical.
  • Rule of law
  • You have bin found guilty
  • The limited government means that the government doesn't have all the power and the government has limited powers. This proviants the government for becoming tyrannical like Brittan.
  • Popular sovereignty
  • We the people means that the people have the power to vote for representatives and to potation laws and people.
  • Rule of law means that there are a set of procedures in place for people that break the law and need to punished. This also says that no madder who you are you get the same treat meant as everyone else.
  • This is kind of like we the people, but it talks about that only rich white men can vote. Then they let poor white men vote. Then women and African American could vote.