Montag x Winston
Updated: 12/16/2020
Montag x Winston

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  • Hey! Help me! I'm being chased by a mechanical hound!
  • I too am being chased! Quick, deeper into the woods! Get rid of any clothes that have your scent!
  • I'm on the run for being a free-thinker. I'm unique from where I come from. Everyone is a subject of mass manipulation. Everyone does not think for themselves
  • I'm on the run for the same reason as you. I disobeyed every order I was given. I'm an outcast, and even formed a relationship with a girl. Now because of me, she's being tortured.
  • Though I have done horrible things in the past, I believe that free thought is beautiful, and best expressed in books. Books offer the most insight into what free thought is.
  • Montag, you and I should make this available to all of the public. It is time for this manipulation to end..
  • Winston and Montag meet fatefully being chased. Montag by The Party, Winston by Big Brother.
  • This is a message to all of society. It is time to wake up. It is time to stop allowing an oppressive government control our every move. Rise up and think for yourself.
  • Montag and Winston both explain their predicament, and explain their thoughts on free-thinking.
  • Did you hear about that broadcast yesterday? I think whoever did that had a point.
  • I think you're right. Everything in this life has been a lie. We are only allowed platonic relationships. It's time we take a stand and think for ourselves.
  • Montag and Winston agree that they should make their thoughts public and educate the world.
  • And for our next play, William Shakespeare!
  • Montag and Winston hijack the entire online system and broadcast their message for all to see.
  • After the broadcast, the general public has finally come to their senses.
  • In a world where free-thinking was not allowed, society would not be able to function with each other. What makes people --people are literature, arts, music, and social interaction.
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