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Updated: 3/2/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Jimmy, you are so bad at this game. Just uninstall the game.
  • Johnny, I know that I am not good but you don't have to make me feel bad
  • I don't care. Just kill yourself, you are worthless anyways. You are stupid and dumb.
  • I'm sorry Mom but I don't feel like I belong anywhere and I am better off dead
  • Mom I love you but I am being cyberbullied and I am going to kill myself.
  • Jimmy do not kill yourself. A lot of people love you and you have so much to live for
  • No I was too late. Jimmy, It didn't matter what anyone else thinks online. You just have to remember that I love you.
  • Johnny, you made Jimmy kill himself because you cyber bullied him.
  • I'm so sorry. I will never cyber bully anyone ever again.
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