King Midas StoryBoard!
Updated: 8/28/2018
King Midas StoryBoard!
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  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Rising Action
  • There was a castle in Lydia with a ruler named King Midas. King Midas was walking through his garden one day when he saw a pair of hooves hanging out of a bush. He came across a satyr named Silenus who belonged to the God Dionysus.
  • Climax
  • Silenus didn't want King Midas to tell Dionysus so Midas allowed him to stay and he told him stories to pass the time. King Midas enjoyed the stories that the satyr told him. Silenus was then sent back to Dionysus a week later and Dionysus was grateful.
  • Falling Action
  • Dionysus decided to reward King Midas because he took care of Silenus. King Midas wanted a wish so Dionysus agreed to give him one. King Midas wanted the power to turn things into gold so Dionysus gave him that power. He then decided to test out his new power on a rose in his garden and they turned to gold like he wanted.
  • Resolution
  • King Midas was about to go and ask Dionysus if he could take back the power because he couldn't eat and changed everything to gold. Then before he could his daughter runs up to him! She gets turned into gold! He starts crying and goes to Dionysus.
  • Dionysus told King Midas to go to the river Pactolus. The river is supposed to take the power back. When he gets out of the river he noticed that it turned into gold and the power was gone. 
  • King Midas had made his way home. He saw that everything was back to normal and he noticed that being greedy wasn't good. At the end he was content. He was standing in the garden with his daughter and he was grateful for what he had.
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