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Updated: 1/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Gilgamesh was the king of the city, Urduk. He was handsome and wealthy, but also cruel to the people of the city.
  • I want all you to go ahead and work on the Palaces! Now!
  • Yes sir, right away.
  • The people prayed and begged their gods to help them, for the people were in constant fear.
  • "I will help you, people. I have sent Enkidu to Urduk in order to help."
  • Please help us gods...
  • Enkidu soon heard the news about Gilgamesh. Enkidu then challenged Gilgamesh to battle.
  • Enkidu was a wild man, raised in the woods by wild animals.
  • When Gilgamesh came, they began to battle.
  • They then realized that they admired one another, so they stopped fighting. they then became good friends.
  • I hoped you enjoyed it! The END!
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