Updated: 3/3/2021

Storyboard Text

  • It all started when,My character safia , lives in Missouri in the 1800 , She worked in the garden where they made food
  • Mother , Father I dont want to leave
  • we have to
  • GET OUT NOW!!!!!
  • Their problem is that people are trying to take over their country so they have to move west
  • everything will be ok
  • After they got on the trail of tears and waked for 2 days Safia started to starve .She was really hungry .
  • ....
  • come on honey we have to go
  • Oh no she fainted
  • Safia starts to see white and feels dizzy . She then faints on the trail.
  • BOOM
  • this isn't so bad
  • They then find a horse and get safia in the back with her brother then her mom and dad hop on , Safia then wakes up .
  • yeah ur right dad
  • yeah ur right !
  • Look it's food we can eat now
  • wow we are lucky
  • They then find food , She learns she should be grateful she survived , Ones she arrived to the west she starts her new life and She then realizes this might have been for the best because they could have a fresh start and it made her brave