Unknown Story

Updated: 10/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The creaking noise of the fire and the crickets chipping at the night. The fox sneaking up on the deer sleeping. My brother says ''look at the stares in the night sky.'' The stars were so pretty in the clear night sky.The taste of the chocolate melting in your mouth is so good.
  • The hissing sound of the snake in the bunches. As we were walking in the rain forest mom said ''look at the newt on the tree.' The sloths were in the tree sleeping. The rain when it hits the lake is so smoothing.
  • My dogs an I are sitting down and all of a sudden we hear splash it was a seal catching a fish. Their was a polar bear in the mountains. My dog was so could that I had to cuddle with her to get her warm. Her fur was so soft and warm.