Supreme Court Case Activity

Updated: 10/16/2020
Supreme Court Case Activity

Storyboard Text

  • Bush Vs. Gore
  • Background Info
  • Argument
  • 2000
  • Supreme Court Ruling
  • In the 2000 Presidential Election people called it the “Endless Election” because it had to go to Supreme Court because some of the paper ballots were in bad shape.
  • Connected Amendment
  • It was clear whoever won Florida would win the Election, so there was going to be a re-count but the Supreme Court didn’t want that.
  • Impact
  • People wanted a re-count but the Supreme Court decided that Bush would win the election with just enough votes.
  • 14th Amendment: Equal Protection Clause: This case Says that people thought that the Supreme Court has used too much power.
  • To this day the Supremes Courts decision is one of the most controversial decisions in US history