French Revolution Storyboard
Updated: 12/2/2020
French Revolution Storyboard

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  • Before the Revolution the people of the third class were very poor and poorly treated. They struggled to pay taxes and even to buy enough food for their family.
  • One cause of the revolution was because France was in a lot of debt from it's involvement in the American Revolution and from of King Louis XVI's undisciplined spending.
  • The economy is failing!
  • $50
  • Why is this bread so expensive?!
  • $20
  • I pledge the tennis court oath!
  • The Jacobins
  • You're suspicious
  • Another cause was over priced food. The peasants struggled to buy food because they were already underpaid and the food was over priced.
  • What did I do?
  • And now for his crimes...
  • Tennis court oath happened on Jude 20, 1789. The third estate formed a new government known as the National Assembly. The king tried to lock up the site of their meeting so they went to the Royal Tennis court. Here they pledged that they would keep meeting until France had a new form of government.
  • These are the Jacobins. They didn't want a king and wanted him dead. They were also in a power struggle with the Girondists. The Girondists lost and most of them were sent to the guillotine . Later, the Jacobins became radical and were responsible for the Reign of Terror.
  • The Reign of Terror started with the execution of the king and lasted from 1793 to 1794. The revolutionary government had a lot of power. They passed harsh laws such as the law of suspects, which allowed the government to arrest, try, and usually guillotine, anyone who they thought might be against the revolution.