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Updated: 12/17/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Welcome to my home.
  • I can't believe you would do this!
  • Confucius decided that he wanted to turn his house into a library. Not for money, but simply to help spread knowledge. This got him a lot of fame and was shortly offered to be the justice minister of Lu.
  • Ren, Li, and the five bonds
  • The Duke had received beautiful women and horses as a gift and spent more time riding horses and hanging out with the women then focusing on the government. Confucius found this out and was furious. He left the city of Lu and wandered off for 13 years.
  • ok!
  • Go clean your room it is a mess
  • Confucius wandered for 13 years, trying to find a government to support his teachings. Although, he could never find a government that was good enough for his teachings, he did spread his thoughts and teaching to people through classes
  • Do unto others as you would have done to yourself.
  • Confucius main three teachings were, Ren, Li, and the 5 bonds. Ren was concern for others, Li was appropriate behavior and the five bonds were ruler to ruled, elder sibling to younger sibling, father to son, husband to wife and friend to friend.
  • Confucius teachings created a perfect society where every one had their own place and knows their role. In this society everyone would do the right thing and set good examples to everyone else.
  • We know these things mainly from his students notes.Confucius spread his teachings all throughout China. His most famous quote it probably the golden rule.
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