Prince Siddhartha Comic Strip
Updated: 2/1/2021
Prince Siddhartha Comic Strip

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  • Siddhartha's Birth
  • Siddhartha's Birth
  • I am the leader of the world and guide to the world.
  • Siddhartha's Childhood
  • Remember son, there is no suffering or bad things in this world.
  • Siddhartha Discovers Suffering
  • Prince Siddhartha was the son of King Suddhodana and Queen Maya. He was born 563 B.C.E., in present-day Nepal. It is said that on the day of his birth, he already looked a couple of years old, and he could walk and talk. He announced to everyone "I am the leader of the world and guide to the world."
  • Siddhartha Becomes an Ascetic
  • 563 B.C.E.
  • Before the prince was born, his mother had a very peculiar dream. The king and queen decided to ask the Brahmins (Hindu priests), and they said that the boy will choose one of two paths: he would become a prince who will rule the universe, or a buddha (if he saw the suffering of the outside world). And so, the king decided to keep SIddhartha within the palace walls, and not allow him to see any suffering (sickness, old age, death).
  • Siddhartha Quits Being an Ascetic
  • At the age of 29, Siddhartha decided that he wanted to go outside the palace walls. On his trip, he encountered the three types of suffering - aging, sickness, and death. At the end of his trip, he encountered an ascetic, and asked him how he could sit so peacefully when there's suffering. Thea ascetic replied "To be free of suffering, one must give up the desires, pleasures, and comforts of the world. I find peace by helping others find peace."
  • Siddhartha Becomes the Buddha
  • After all that he'd experienced and seen, Prince Siddhartha decided to become an ascetic and find enlightenment. He found other ascetics that had the same spiritual goals as him, and they traveled together. As an ascetic, he denied himself many things, including food and shelter.
  • Eventually, Siddhartha became tired of this way of life, and he still hadn't reached enlightenment. Siddhartha decided to quit being an ascetic. He wanted to find a middle ground. One where he wasn't a prince nor an ascetic. The ascetics didn't like his way of thinking, so they left him. He was alright with being alone, though. He believed what he was doing would help him reach enlightenment.
  • This isn't helping...
  • Siddhartha later on became enlightened under the Bodhi tree. He became the Buddha, and decided to pass on his learnings to everyone else. He had learned about the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path.