Animal Farm
Updated: 12/4/2018
Animal Farm
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  • You should join the animal farm revolution if you want a good life. Since the rebellion we have benefited so much. Old Major started the rebellion and made animal farm just as Lenin moved Russia into USSR.
  • If you join our revolution you will be happy and live as you please to. We rebelled because from our perspective, Mr. Jones didn't treat us like we wanted to be treated.
  • Here on Animal Farm we are free from Mr. Jones and we can do what we want to. Before we had to face the consequence of not having food.
  • All of the animals have been working hard together because we are one team. We can all see a great difference in our whole community. The harvest was an even bigger success than they thought.
  • You should come to Animal Farm because we are all equal and we get what we need. Just like in the Russian Revolution we use communism in Animal Farm.
  • We also have our dictator named Napoleon and he is always right. He makes decisions for the citizens.
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