stephanie manrique
Updated: 11/9/2018
stephanie manrique
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Storyboard Description

My story board is about online predators and that you can't trust anyone online. Even if they tell you they are your age, you should not share any private information. They could be lying to you and eventually do stuff that are not good. The girls best friend encouraged her to tell a teacher, because she could be receiving stuff that it's not so good. She also helped her because she knew that talking to strangers online is dangerous. In my story board a guy that said he was "13" years old sent an inappropriate picture to the girl. He also asked or one which that it's really creepy and could be a sign of a predator online or a sign that you are not talking to who you thing you're talking. In my story board the girl told her school teacher and that teacher helped her contact the police so she doesn't get in trouble for having those pictures. This story board teaches that you should not talk to strangers online, because it could be dangerous and you could be receiving unwanted stuff or unwanted pictures.

Storyboard Text

  • Oh just a guy i've been texting through the internet
  • ding!!!
  • ding!!!!
  • Wow you're getting so much messages there. Who is it
  • how old are you?
  • I'm 13 where do you live?
  • hey 
  • I'm 12 what about you
  • I live in Chicago!
  • hey, l don't think you should be talking to starngers it's really dangerous..
  • But he says he's 13! there's no way he could do me something
  • Okay this is getting really creepy.. The guy I'm talking to just asked me for inappropiate pictures.
  • Oh my god! don't talk to him anymore and go tell a teacher, you could be in danger!
  • Ding!!
  • No, a guy I've been talking to online just asked and sent me an inappropriate picture
  • I also know it could be a problem if I keep this a secret
  • I came to you because he could be an online predator and people could be in danger
  • Yes dear you did the right thing you can't trust anyone online, we will be contacting the police
  • Hey dear, what is the matter are you okay?
  • Thank you daughter for doing the right thing
  • I can't believe it! I am also glad I did this 
  • I will never do it again! the internet is a dangerous place!
  • Yes I am glad you came to me, now you are safe
  • Thank you, I am pretty sure you just saved kids lives because of you
  • Oh no! He just sent me an inappropiate picture
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