Fahrenheit 451 PART 2
Updated: 1/19/2021
Fahrenheit 451    PART 2

Storyboard Text

  • "How many copies of the Bible are left in this country?" (Bradbury 76) "
  • Montag calls Faber and tells him that he has one of the last bibles left and after that Faber comes over and Montag makes a plan
  • The front door opened slowly. Faber peered out..." (Bradbury 80)
  • Montag is visited by Faber, one of his old professors after calling him about how many bibles were left. When Faber came over they talked for a while and they agreed to make a plan to salvage the books, to take them somewhere safe to be found by other people many years later. They are doing this because they do not have the same beliefs as Beatty
  • "plant the books, turn in an alarm and see the firemen's houses burn, is that what you mean?" (Bradybury 85)
  • Montag had started to tear pages out of the bible to convince Faber to help him save the book.
  • The firemen rush over to the next fire, which happens to be Montag's house. Montag is confused as to why he would bring him to his own house but then realizes Beatty found out about the books.
  • "Something the matter Montag?' 'Why' said Montag slowly, ' we've stopped in front of my house'". (Bradbury 110)