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Alexcia Carrasco PEGS Colonial Regions story board
Updated: 9/28/2020
Alexcia Carrasco PEGS Colonial Regions story board
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  • New England Colonies
  • .
  • Middle Colonies
  • Southern Colonies
  • In the New England colonies, They had rocky soil which wasn't good for farming. However, they did have lots of trees that they used to sell lumber and make boats. They also use fishing as a source of income. On the left, you can see two guys with the declaration for the fundamental orders of Connecticut and the Mayflower compact as well as a puritan in the back.
  • The middle colony was big very big on farming. Their main way of having economics was farming crops and then trading said crops with other colonies. They had cold winters and warm summers, as well as regular rainfall. The regular rainfall and fertile soil helped a lot with the growing of crops. The people that lived there were known as Quakers, Lutherans, Presbyterian, Baptist, and Jews. Political-wise, they had the Pennsylvania charter of Privileges and in 1701 they created the elected legislature.
  • The southern colony was also big on growing crops. The grew mostly cash crops such as tobacco, indigo, rice, sugar, and cotton. However, their farming system was mostly run with forced labor (enslaved work). They had long hot summers, long growing seasons, and short mild winters. In the southern colonies, they had Maryland which was a safe haven for Catholics. And in Georgia, they had the debtors living there. When it comes to political talk, the had the Virginia House f Burgess and the 1st representative Government.
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