Updated: 6/14/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Our next step is to place the lit splint into the bottle. The fire from the splint is making the air particles in the bottle heat up and space farther apart from each other.
  • Today we will be learning about air pressure and heat! For our experiment, we need an egg, a wooden splint, a bottle, and a lighter.
  • Now we put the egg on the bottle again. Before, we saw that the egg could not fit inside of the bottle. Now that the flame on the splint went out, and the egg falls in! The air particles are closer together now that the fire went out.
  • Note how the egg cannot fit into the bottle normally as it is too large to go through the opening!!
  • Our first step in this experiment is to use the lighter to light the wooden splint. Now, the heat on the splint will affect the next step of the activity.
  • This reaction is due to air pressure. The volume of every aspect of the experiment stays the same and does not affect the outcome. When the lit splint went into the bottle, the thermal energy from it made the air particles inside heat up and spread apart. When the fire on the splint went out, the air pressure inside the bottle decreases. Now the air pressure outside the bottle is greater than the air pressure inside of the bottle, and the egg gets pushed in.
  • Air pressure outside the bottle > Air pressure inside the bottle