Water Droplet 2
Updated: 3/12/2020
Water Droplet 2

Storyboard Text

  • Now Hydra is filtering into a lake as discharge. She finally met with her friends. But another path was chosen.
  • A feisty cat drank me!
  • Hello friends! I was hoping to see you again! Where did precipitation take you?
  • I met an animal similar to that dinosaur from way back when!
  • Hydra flowed into a river there she meets a new type of friend.
  • Where did they go now?
  • Hydra met an elephant. He drank her.
  • I'm thirsty that's what I am!
  • Hello. Who are you?
  • I can help with that!
  • The elephant stopped to poop. Hydra was part of it, so now she is in a forest!
  • Something smells... EEW thats me! I was excreted!
  • 💩
  • Hydra was then part of soil. Soon she was absorbed by a plant.
  • I have absolutely no friends right now! What happens next?
  • It started to rain. Hydra was not only absorbed by a plant but found some of her old friends! They stayed in the plant cells for a while!
  • Hi! Yay! I hoped we would meet again!
  • We all stay in this cycle so... we'll always be close!