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Water Droplet
Updated: 3/12/2020
Water Droplet
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  • Hydra's Friendly Journey
  • Hydra was chilling with her vapor friends. Soon they cooled and precipitated as rain because they were heavy. Aquada landed in the ocean.
  • Oh no! I'm falling and separating from my friends! I'm so sad. I hope to see them again but what are the chances of that.
  • Ooh, I'm a cold gas molecule! I'm condensing; turning into a liquid! My least favorite form; a raindrop.
  • Hydra met up with Ray. (the sun) She got hot and evaporated. Hydra said goodbye to her liquid friends and changed to a gas. She's wondering if it's possible to see her friends again.
  • I hate to say goodbye but my path is changing! I really hope to see you again!
  • Ooh, I'm a cold gas again! I'm condensing; I'm turning into a liquid! Now I'm a snowflake! Cool I'm falling on an ice block.
  • Hydra is now precipitating as snow onto a glacier. Again she is separated from her friends.
  • Soon I will melt and flow into a river. I bet ill see my friends again!
  • The glacier melted and flowed into a river. Hydra will now meet a new friend!
  • Im changing from a solid to a liquid
  • Now Hydra is being filtered through by the soil. She is recharging or being pulled through the soil. She hasn't met with any other friends at the moment.
  • I wish Gravity would talk to me. I guess its just an element and it's not living.
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