of Mice and Men
Updated: 1/15/2021
of Mice and Men

Storyboard Text

  • Sorry Gorge for carrying the dead mouse around. It was just so soft and squishy.
  • Still hope that gorge will let me keep the rat.
  • It's fine Lenny. But we need to meet back here whenever something bad happens ok?
  • Ok Gorge. I promise i wont go around causing problems. Promise.
  • Don't go around and cause trouble like you did back at weed. We need this job.
  • What in the world?!
  • Hello boys~
  • Fight me! you think your so tough. Come at me bro!
  • sorry buddy. You gotta die.
  • After a misunderstanding in Weed, Gorge and Lenny flee to avoid persecution. Afterwards, the two meet up at a small creek. From there, the two agree to meet in that spot whenever something bad is to happen.
  • Uh Oh! what have i done. I am going to get in a lot of trouble for this. I need to run away
  • After traveling for some time. Gorge and Lenny find a new job at a ranch in a new town. Were they are to meet Curly, Slim, Candy and Curly's wife. At this ranch, Gorge convinces Curly to let Lenny work despite his mental disabilities
  • Na! Na!
  • Oh no! I better go find Lenny before Curly goes to kill him. To the Creek!
  • Conflicts arise. One of which is Curly's wife, flirting and talking to the workers on the farm causes jealousy among Curly. Eventually, Curly's insecurities get the better of him. This causes an uproar between Lenny and Curly which results with an injured hand.
  • Ok Lenny, i am very sorry about this.
  • Gorge tell me thestory about me tending the rabbits please. And how we are going to have a farm
  • After Curly's wife comes to talk to Lenny in the barn, a quarrel breaks out. This results with Lenny accidentally killing Curly's wife by twisting her neck. Scared and worried, Lenny flees from the situation and runs off to the creek.
  • After Curly's wife is found dead, Curly swears to kill Lenny himself. However, Gorge runs off to find Lenny before Curly can get him. Gorge also makes sure to bring a gun along with him.Hopping on his horse Curly goes to find Lenny.
  • I'm going to kill that boy myself. No one gets away with killing my wife!
  • Once the duo meet up at the creek Gorge begins telling him the recurring story of their future life on their own farm. Without Lenny's knowledge, Gorge pulls out his gun. Afterwards, he shoots Lenny dead.
  • I need to shoot gorge or he will not make it far in life anyways.