Outsider Chapter 6. Summary
Updated: 11/21/2020
Outsider Chapter 6. Summary

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  • HEY, get back here!
  • Dally, Johnny, and Pony ate at a Dairy Queen and Johnny told Dally he wanted to turn himself in. Dally told him he didn't want him to do that so he wouldn't get hardened like a rock as Dally did. 
  • Don't worry we'll get you out of here.
  • Dally reluctantly agreed to bring Johnny back home to turn himself in and then they saw a fire at the church. They assumed it was from a cigarette they left and went to check it out. 
  • Once they got in front of the church they heard that there were kids stuck inside. The boys then gallantly ran into the burning and smoking church without hesitation. 
  • I love you kid.
  • BOOM! The ceiling began crashing down and the boys were running through the building as it slowly fell apart. They were throwing the children out of a broken window and Johnny pushed Pony out at the last second and the Dally slapped him hard on his back and knocked him out.
  • When Pony came to he was in an ambulance. They guy in the ambulance explained to him that Dally hit him in the back because his back was on fire. A piece of the roof fell on Johnny and Dally jumped inside to save him. They got out but Johnny was in bad shape and Dally needed to get checked on. 
  • While Pony was waiting for new on Johnny and Dally, Sodapop and Darry showed up in the waiting room. When Pony saw Darry he ran up to him and hugged him and in that moment he realized Darry actually loved him.