Updated: 5/23/2020

Storyboard Text

  • King Duncan comes to Macbeth's place to celebrate Macbeth being declared as the Thane of Cawdor. Duncan enters the hallway, walking into the dining room followed by servants. Macbeth enters, thinking about how wrong it would be to kill an innocent man.
  • I should just get the murder over with, but I know my actions will have consequences. The king trusts me plus, I am supposed to be protecting Duncan from murder, not being the murderer. Besides, he has been such a humble leader and his death would cause so many people to be sad. I can't bring myself to kill an innocent man!
  • Lady Macbeth enters
  • We can't go through with this plan. Duncan has always been kind to me, and now he has honored me as well as making me the Thane of Cawdor. I just want to enjoy this time being honored while it lasts.
  • What are you doing out here!? Duncan is almost done eating.
  • Were you drunk when you were so hopeful before? Are you afraid to act the way you want to? Will you do whatever it takes to get the crown that you want so badly? Or will you continue to live as a coward, like the poor cat in the old story.
  • Please, stop! I only want to do what is right for a man to do. Anyone who does more is not a man.
  • You are more of a man if you do what you've been dared to do. Going one step further will make you even more of a man! The time and place weren't right before, but now the timing is perfect and you choose to back out? I have raised a baby before, I know how sweet it is to be comforted by it. But that wouldn't stop me from smashing its head into a wall and killing it if thats what I had agreed to.
  • But what if we fail?
  • We fail? If you build up enough courage, we can't fail. When Duncan is asleep I'll get his servants so drunk that they won't remember anything. When they fall asleep we will be able to do anything to Duncan. And whatever we do we can blame on the drunk servants.
  • You have such a masculine spirit. But once we have covered the two servants with blood and used their daggers, won't people suspect they killed him?
  • Who would think it happened the other way? We'll be crying loudly when we hear Duncan has died.
  • I have now decided to do whatever it takes to commit this crime. Go and be a friendly hostess, hide your evil heart with a pleasant face.