Boston Massacre By Cole Matheny
Updated: 10/23/2020
Boston Massacre By Cole Matheny

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  • hahaha!!!
  • Hey, look at that lobster back!
  • In 1768, there started to become a conflict. The Bostonians were making fun of the British army, calling them lobster backs, and even Sam Adams taught his dog to nip at their heels.
  • On March 5, 1770, a noisy mob began throwing rocks and ice-balls at troops guarding the Boston Customs House.
  • Hi sir. I just wanted to inform you that the men who fired and killed are being trialed for murder.
  • Then a mob started to appear, and yelling("come on you rascals, you bloody backs! Fire if you dare!") The mob eventually grew so big, they knocked one of the guards down.
  • As of today, I set the 6 soldiers as innocent, and the other two charged with manslaughter, or unmeaningly killing, however not coming at price or charge.
  • At this point the defending soldiers had had enough, and that they were going to fight back. They did what the people wanted, shot their guns.
  • Everyone set home early that day, being known that the soldiers who had shot off their weaponry were going to be trialed .
  • However, at the trial, most of the soldiers who had fired off got let off easy as innocent. However, two were charged at no cost of manslaughter, or accidental killing
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