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The Dangers of Online Gaming
Updated: 10/12/2020
The Dangers of Online Gaming
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  • The danger of online gamingSkylee NesbittPeriod 7
  • What is she playing over there??
  • Oh, my 'friend' is online! Yay!!
  • I love playing this game!!
  • Who are you talking to??
  • Huh?? Ummm..... nobody..
  • My Title
  • Ok, mom!! I won't do it again, so can I have my tablet back now??
  • Me, sitting the living-room with my mom and playing that online game on my tablet!!
  • But mom!!Humph!!
  • My Mom, asking me who I'm talking to and Me wondering why she is asking me about this??
  • I'm so busted!! I've completely learned my lesson!
  • My mom, busting me by finding out that I was talking to people that I had never met, and me getting a lecture due to getting caught talking to people who I don't know.
  • Skylee!! You know better than to talk to people who you don't know!!
  • So, now we're about to go downstairs to the basement to find my dad and tell him what I did!! I hated this part!!
  • Are you kidding me?? No way!! I'm taking this away until I feel like I can trust you with having a tablet! C'mon, we're going to to your father about this!!
  • So, in the end I learned to never talk to random people on the internet, including online games!! Even though, I still play those types of games today, I actually have some friends I know from school who I talk to instead of people to I've never met. The End!!
  • Mmhm!! You should know better!!
  • Skylee!! Do you know what kind of people play online games?? You know better!!
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