English Project
Updated: 2/13/2020
English Project

Storyboard Text

  • I am here to kill you.
  • I need to use my wand now even though I am not allowed to do it.
  • I am not scared of your wand use it by the way it does not affect me at all.
  • Can you stop following me or I will have to use my wand.
  • Because I want to take your soul hhahahahahahahahahahahhah.
  • Now, we are in a closed area can you tell why you are going were I am going.
  • This is showing that Harry Potter is in trouble with his enemies.
  • I am not scared of the wand what is it even going to do.
  • If you follow me one more time I'll use this.
  • This shows that Harry Potter is being followed by his enemy.
  • Let me see hahahahahhahaahaha.
  • This is what you get!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This is showing why the enemy is keep on following Harry Potter
  • I am sorry I did not mean to use the wand.
  • You should be charged and go to jail.
  • This is showing that Harry is getting mad and is about to use the wand know what will happen if he does.
  • Harry used his wand on the evil when the enemy was thinking nothing would happen if he used it.
  • Harry gets in trouble for using the wand and will go to jail.