Abortion Dialogue

Updated: 3/5/2021
Abortion Dialogue

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  • Hey Randa are you okay?
  • Hey John, not really.
  • Last week I found out that I'm seven weeks pregnant and now my parents and I are arguing.
  • You're pregnant? That's great! Why don't you look happy and why are you fighting with your parents?
  • Why I don't look happy is because I'm not, John I can't have this baby, I don't have my own home, I don't have a job, I'm barely survivng for crying out loud!
  • So you're going to get an abortion? That's not right Randa! Stop trying to play God because It's not up to you to choose if a child lives or dies!
  • Play God? I'm not trying to play God, I'm trying to make sure that my firstborn isn't going to be born into poverty, I want he/she to be able to have a good education, to not have to worry if I can feed them. It's my egg, my body, my life so back off!
  • Have the child and give it up then!
  • That's the thing I can't. I should've known you wouldn't understand. You're just like my parents.
  • If you get an abortion you're going to hell Randa. You brought this upon yourself!