If I Stay
Updated: 1/9/2020
If I Stay
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  • Protagonist Description
  • Other Character Description
  • Theme
  • Mia is a teenage girl in high school who has loved playing the cello since preschool. She grew up with parents from a rock band so she never fit in, even in her own family. She's always been the most talented cellist of her age, even being accepted to an amazing music school in New York.
  • Foreshadowing- "Everyone thinks it was because of the snow. And in a way, I suppose that's true." (1).
  • Because there was no clear antagonist, I chose to describe Adam, Mia's boyfriend. Adam is the complete opposite of Mia, but they seem to flow together nicely. Adam is a member of a rock band and grew up without much of a family, but quickly becomes a part of Mia's.
  • Imagery- "...a tableau of dark green fir trees dotted with snow, wispy strands of white fog, and heavy gray storm clouds up above." (14).
  • The most prominent theme of If I stay is choice. Mia is faced with the ultimate decision--to live or to die. Although her literal character is unconscious throughout the story, we follow flashbacks and moments in the hospital that are important in making her decision.
  • Suspense
  • An example of foreshadowing in If I Stay can be found in the very first line of the book. This line causes readers to wonder what happened because of the snow. In what way is it true?
  • Just before the devastating accident, Mia describes everything she sees outside of her car window, painting a detailed picture in the readers' minds.
  • In If I Stay, a great example of suspense is actually at the very end of the book. The book is a part of a series, so it makes sense that the author would create this sort of drama at the end. At the very end of the book, Adam plays Mia a song he wrote. Mia doesn't seem to move much, but she opens her eyes in the very last line and wakes up from comatose.
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