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Updated: 2/18/2020
China story board
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  • Legalism
  • I wasn't! it must have been a mistake! please don't hurt me!!
  • Inventions
  • WHAT?!
  • I'm here on behalf of the emperor, he wants me to tell you he wants all of your new inventions!
  • But we only have automatic crossbows, paper and gunpowder left in stock, why do you want it?
  • Abominations
  • I'm going to sue her for "harming someone" yea... that's it!
  • your taxes are due, you have to pay in the next two days or I will have to kick you out!
  • I shall not Discord(harm or sue your relatives)
  • why is he smiling?
  • People got punished harshly for the littlest things, even for just looking at the emperor! Legalism has strict laws and if you were to disobey it wouldn't be good.
  • Dynasties
  • I know give you rights!
  • thank you i'm honored!!
  • The emperor would always take what people design, people would get confused sometimes because THEY made it, not them.
  • The abominations we so some people didn't do anything bad, it's kind of like a law system. for example in the picture this lady is telling this man something important, but he thinks he will sue her, that is called discord and he is not allowed to do that.
  • This is the Han dynasty the only thing really important that happened was women got rights and we still use many of there tec. today. Also this dynasty lasted 400+ years.
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