T1 Exam Project
Updated: 11/25/2020
T1 Exam Project

Storyboard Text

  • Hamilton-Title Track
  • We Fought for him I died for himI trusted him I loved him
  • Story of tonight
  • Tell the story of tonight
  • YorkTown
  • After a week of fighting the you man in a red coat stands on a pillow pet
  • This Song is like a meaning of what he grew up with "Bastard orphan, son of a wh*re" explains what he went through. The Bubble above explains what they did to "him" Until "The damn fool shot him"And the person they did all this for was, Alexander Hamilton.
  • Nonstop
  • What I think this song explains is a importance happening to explain what happened that night. This means it was that important of a story that they made the story into a song. They also bring it up in every other lyric.
  • Cabinet battle #1
  • To me this song is very aggressive and has a lot a built up rage or something inside it. What I think it has is aggression. I chose this quote because it stands out to me an it explains that aggression from having to battle for a week.
  • Election of 1800
  • I could grab a beer with him.
  • I love this Song because it reminded me of happiness and success. I Also Liked the line " I was chosen for the constitutional convention because he sounded so happy when he said it. This song explains struggles and success.
  • Non Stop!
  • I was chosen for the Constitutional convention!
  • This song reminds me of like a rap song. I also chose these lyrics because it tells Thomas Jefferson that he is running a real nation. This is also very catchy as a song.
  • Were Running a real nation
  • This song really stands out to me because It gives me a musical vibe. It also says some things about those people personality. For example they could "grab a beer" with Hamilton"