Updated: 1/22/2020
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  • Ooooo I want that steal cup
  • At a feast at Herot (mead-hall), Hrothgar gives more treasure to Beowulf. The Herot is a place where everyone can be together and celebrate. They celebrated when Beowulf ripped Grendel's arm off which became a trophy.
  • A thief discovers the treasure and tries to steal a cup. When the dragon notices he burns the mead-hall as well as Beowulf's land.
  • Wiglaf, you will rule after me! You will also build me a funeral burrow that overlooks the sea.
  • Beowulf, the thief, ten warriors, and his kinsman Wiglaf go to confront the dragon. Everyone ran away expect Wiglaf who stayed by Beowulf's side.
  • Beowulf is about to die because of his fight with the dragon which led him wounded and the dragon dead.
  • Right before Beowulf dies, he tells Wiglaf to rule after him.
  • Beowulf is buried with the treasure which overlooks the sea.
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