Han Dinh

Updated: 6/30/2020
Han Dinh

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  • Mommy can i go to the cinema with Noc?
  • It's dangerous outside.
  • Honey especially when you are a girl.
  • Mother
  • it's dangerous out there, i don't want you to play outside often honey.
  • No boys until college
  • Dad! You know i won't get in a relationship until i'm 18.
  • Do you have a boyfriend? Don't fell in love too soon darling. It's not good for your studying.
  • Dad
  • Older brother
  • Why cooking?
  • You can't even cook dinner so how can you get a boyfriend silly sis.
  • because you're a girl
  • Why do i have to know how to cook to get boyfriend dummy brother.
  • My Mom doesn't want me to go outside because she said that she scared me being kidnap or being harass.
  • My thought
  • i wish i was a boy
  • My Dad doesn't want me to get a boyfriend because he said that i would end up neglect my study.
  • If i was a boy
  • My brother tells me to learn how to cook because he said that girl must know how to cook or at least do some basic cook.
  • The ending
  • Sometime i think it's better for me if i was a boy so that i can do whatever i wanted to.
  • I could do anything that i want to if only i was a boy. Hangingout with my friends, getting a girlfriend, drive late aand so on.
  • But thinking back and forth i have to accept that nothing can change the fact that i;m a girl. I have to aand will enjoy my life as a girl as much as possible.