Joells Montgomery bus boycott talk.
Updated: 3/21/2021
Joells Montgomery bus boycott talk.

Storyboard Text

  • Hey guys today I will be talking about Activist and how they helped with racism and rights.
  • The Montgomery bus boycott started December 1 1955. it went on for over a year! We are talking about 3 civil rights activist today that are so cool for what they did about racism .
  • Hi I am Rosa Parks . I refused to move my seat for a white man because I was tired of racism. It was a good idea of mine.
  • Hi I'm Fred Gray and I'm an attorney and a civil rights fighter and opened a law office way back in 1954
  • Hi im E.D Nixon I became an activist when I bailed Rosa out of jail . I worked with her and MLK after.
  • Thank you
  • Those are my 3 amazing civil rights activist that I chose to write about. They have done so much to stop racism and make things equal for everyone.