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Updated: 9/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • wow, look at this beautiful setting. I love beaches , but considering this , how are beaches made?
  • waves are made by wind blowing on the water. They can vary in size from small ripples to gigantic waves.
  • a windy day produces waves that are bigger, full of energy and more powerful. when these waves hits the rocks, a prosses called erosion takes place. Its this erosion that wares down the rocks and changes the shape of our coastlines
  • as these waves comes crashing in small rocks are being plucked away, the small rocks along with large boulders are then picked up and thrown at the base of the cliff, gradually, smaller pars of the cliffs are eroded and carried out over the sea. over time a noch is created at the base of the cliff and this is called undercutting.
  • With the constant pounding of the sea this noch will increase as more and more rock is eroded away until the top of the cliff becomes so unstable that it comes crashing down into the sea. These rocks will be eroded by the sea and will become ammunition by the sea against the land
  • storm surge is a type of destructive wave. Theses areas can be eroded by the sea much more quickly than surrounding rocks. however due to this, there are many interesting costal features, there are caves, arches and stacks