Cyclops comic
Updated: 1/19/2021
Cyclops comic

Storyboard Text

  • Odysseus and his crew arrive at an island of Cyclops. They stay there for 3 days feasting on wine and goats and on the 3rd day, they attempt to meet the cyclops. "I took my 12 best fighters and moved ahead."
  • The cyclops finds Odysseus and the other men in his cavern and gets mad. He eats one of the men that was in the cave. "Then he disemered them and made them his meal."
  • Odysseus and his men gave the cyclops much wine and he liked it and had asked for more. The cyclops had gotten drunk and passed out. Odysseus said, "Cyclops, try some wine."
  • While the cyclops was sleeping the men had sharpened a stick and stabbed the cyclops eye and blinded him. "Rammed it deep in his crater eye."
  • The cyclops had gotten very angry at the men and he had tried stopping them from escaping. The men had hid under the sheep and when the cyclops left the sheep out the men escaped. "The cyclops bellowed."
  • The cyclops had been angry and when Odysseus had started to taunt the cyclops and the cyclops attempted to through a piece of land at the ship but missed. "A hilltop in his hands and heaved it at us."