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Updated: 10/5/2020
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  • The research have to identify what type of pathogen the illness is and find out whatever the best way to kill or weaken the pathogen for the vaccine.
  • A weekend or dead pathogen is put into the body. Antibodies attach to antigens whichattack and try to kill the weakened pathogen that the vaccine has inserted.
  • Specific defence mechanismB-cells (Lymphocyte) are produced and antibodies connect with antigens.
  • Once the Pathogen is killed/eliminated, Memory B-cells remember how to attack and/or stop the pathogen if a non-weekend version enters the body, therefore creating artificial immunity.
  • On a potential second exposure through Non-specific defence mechanism, the memory b-cells are used to remember how to kill or lower the risk of the specific pathogen that the vaccine was made for. Therefore, the pathogen can be killed quickly.
  • The dead pathogen is broken up by bacteria and the bacteria consumes it.
  • Bacteria
  • Bacteria
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