Updated: 6/3/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Gatsby and Tom are in a fight over Daisy and her love. Gatsby confronts Tom over his love for Daisy and her love for him. Daisy is in shock at the moment while Tom and Gatsby continue to fight.
  • Wilson´s Garage
  • Tom makes Gatsby realize where he once came from, and why he isn´t with Daisy today. Tom completely depleted Gatsby´s ego. Daisy begs Tom to leave and go home. Tom makes fun of Gatsby´s pink suit which represents his love for Daisy.
  • Myrtle and George get into a fight due to George and his abuse. He´s going to make Myrtle leave town. In which, Myrtle storms out and heads into the street.
  • Daisy is driving the car and hits Myrtle head on. Daisy speeds away and after a bit Gatsby stops the car for her. Gatsby brings Daisy home. The color yellow symbolizes death in The Great Gatsby.
  • Gatsby was hiding in the bushes waiting for Daisy to turn off her light in her room to make sure she is asleep and okay. Nick talks to Gatsby and goes to check on Daisy and Tom.
  • Nick spies on Daisy and Tom. The two were sitting at the table with Tom´s hand on her face. They seemed to be discussing a plan on the events of the day. They didn't seem happy or unhappy.