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Updated: 6/17/2021
Religion Storyboard

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  • Mary's friends are carring her through town when they see Jesus.
  • Look! It's Jesus!!
  • Maybe he can help Mary!!
  • They followed Jesus to the inn he was staying at and then took Mary home to her mother.
  • Can Mary please come to the inn across the street with us tomorrow?
  • I guess that would be okay...
  • The next morning...
  • Rise and shine!!
  • That day Mary and her friends went to the inn Jesus was staying at.
  • Oh no!! We will never be able to get Mary in this way!!
  • Since they couldn't get Mary in through the door, they used a rope to lower her down to Jesus.
  • Why should she see you before the rest of us?!?!?
  • Jesus picked Mary up and took her to the table. Jesus was the kindest man Mary had ever met.
  • Your sins have been forgiven. Walk!!
  • Remember, you must treat others the way you wish to be treated. 
  • Because she is just like you and is a child of God. Please step aside.