Parable: Attitude effects your future

Updated: 10/2/2021
Parable: Attitude effects your future

Storyboard Text

  • Eww your so gross! You don't even have enough money to buy new clothes for school! NERD!!!
  • She's so mean! I can't help it...
  • I'm gonna have a shopping spree when I get home with ALL the money I have!
  • I love my parents, even if they don't have enough money. Don't let her get to you
  • Honey, we just won the lottery! We get to give you the life we've always wanted for you!!!!
  • Honey, we just lost all our money from a business deal, we have to sell most of our stuff so we can still have a house...
  • My family lost all of our money, I have to wear the same clothes cause we sold most of my other ones
  • How about we go shopping together and I can buy you some new clothes, it'll all be on me, you don't have to spend a penny
  • I didn't have the greatest childhood, but I had a good attitude throughout it and look where it got me. CEO of my own company