A New Day to Learn Something New

Updated: 10/12/2021
A New Day to Learn Something New

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  • Sweetie don’t wander too far or you might get lost, also were about to have our lunch so don’t take too long out there!!
  • It was a warm sunny day, a happy family went out to spend some time with each other, so they planned on having a picnic.
  • Honey, just let the kid play. Besides, there’s still a lot of time before 12 o’clock.
  • Yes Mom!!
  • After they had their lunch, something happened
  • Hmm… I wonder what’s happening to mom.
  • Honey, I think I’m about to give birth!!
  • R-R-really?! Then I guess I better call for an ambulance.
  • Dad, what’s happening to mom?
  • Does that mean, I’m going be an older brother?
  • Of course, you’re going to be an older brother that’s why you must protect your sibling okay?
  • Yes Dad!!
  • At the hospital.
  • Mommy’s about to give birth sweetie.
  • Woah, that’s so cool Dad!! But, how does that thing you call “genes” gets passed on?
  • It gets passed on during fertilization. The cell now contains genetic information which are the building blocks for our body. As the baby develops, cells continue to divide, leading to the formation of various types of cells, tissues and organs. All types of cells still contain the same genetic information that was passed on from the very first cell.
  • Dad, is it true that we are all made up of cells? And that it contains hereditary information or also known as DNA?
  • Yes, it is true. Also, we have this thing called genes which gets passed from cell to cell during cell division.
  • Dad, I have one last question. Why is it that hereditary information is important in a cell Dad?
  • It’s because the DNA serves two important cellular functions: It is the genetic material passed from parent to offspring and it serves as the information to direct and regulate the construction of the proteins necessary for the cell to perform all of its functions.
  • Thanks Dad, I’ve learned a lot.
  • The loving family spend their time talking and enjoying the presence of one another.
  • Hi sweetie, do you want to see your little brother?
  • Yes Mom, we’ve been talking about him since a while ago. Right Dad?
  • Yup, we sure did.