Updated: 10/1/2021

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  • They fight over land and trade rights
  • British
  • The French and Indian War begins.
  • This is our land!
  • No, It's ours!
  • French and Indians
  • Union of the British colonies in North America for their defense against the French
  • The Albany Congress
  • Disaster at Fort Duquesne
  • British
  • British attacked French fort and killed many people
  • French fort
  • British dead
  • More British defeats
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  • William Pitt heavily finance the war by paying Prussia to fight in Europe and reimbursed the colonies for raising troops in North America.
  • British turns the tide
  • If your soldiers help us fight against the French in north America there will be a great reward.
  • British turned the tide with victories at the French-Canadian stronghold of Quebec. At the 1763 peace conference, the British, French and Spanish made the Treaty of Paris, which ended the American revolution.
  • French
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  • Spanish
  • British
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