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Story board of "The Most Dangerous Game" William Coffin
Updated: 9/28/2019
Story board of "The Most Dangerous Game" William Coffin
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Storyboard Text

  • POV / Setting
  • "Can't see" remarked Rainsford (Connell 1)
  • "Caribbean night"(Connell 1)
  • Forshadowing
  • " 'Off there to the right -- somewhere-- is a large island' said Whitney, ' It'a rather a mystery--' " (Connell 1)
  • "And you shoot down men" (Connell 8 ).
  • The Poverties is third limited because it tells us Rainsford's feelings but states "Rainsford remarked" (Connell 1). The setting is the Caribbean as stated "Caribbean night" (Connell 1)
  • Climax
  • "He had been entirely clearheaded when the Chateau gates shut behind him" (Connell 11)
  • This forshadows Rainsford will go there.
  • Irony
  • " 'I had to invent a new animal to hunt' " ... " ' My dear fellow ', said the general 'There is one that can' " (Connell 7)
  • The conflict is man vs man because the text states Zaroff is killing people and is going to try and kill Rainsford.
  • Theme
  • "The world is made up of two classes -- the hunters and the huntees. Luckly you and I are hunters
  • This is the beginning of the hunt which is the falling action.
  • It is situational irony because Rainsford was not expecting Zaroff to be hunting humans.
  • The theme is it is better to be a hunter than to be hunted.
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