Columbus Comic
Updated: 1/17/2020
Columbus Comic
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  • Columbus and The Taino
  • Sir! The Pinta has fired a cannon! We have found land!
  • I see land too! We have found a way to the Indies! King Ferdinad and Queen Isabella will be delighted!
  • The Columbian Exchange
  • I don't feel good right now.
  • What is that deer---ish animal?
  • That animal? Oh, that is a horse.
  • The Impact of Columbus
  • Christopher Columbus went out to sea to search for a route to the Indies that was quicker and cheaper. At 2:00 AM on October 12, 1492, Columbus found not a route to the Indies but the Bahamas and a new world.
  • After discovering the New World, Columbus led three more expeditions there and started the Columbian Exchange which was the movement of plants , animals, disease, people, and ways of life between the Eastern and Western Hemisphere.
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