Daedalus and Icarus Comic Strip
Updated: 12/10/2020
Daedalus and Icarus Comic Strip

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Storyboard Text

  • A maze was made just below Crete to trap the vicious minotaur.
  • This is Daedalus and he is the one that created the maze but he was imprisoned with his son in it.
  • The flying was successful but there as a problem....
  • In this cell, Daedalus and his son Icarus, are being guarded by the guards of the king which imprisoned him.
  • Daedalus is now plotting their escape from the labyrinth with his son.
  • Don't go too high in the sun or too low in the ocean
  • Yes, Father
  • NO, Icarus NO!!
  • ...but it was too late. Icarus fell into the sea, then died.
  • Icarus flew too near to the sun and the wax melted. His father shouts....
  • Daedalus landed on Sicily but was extremely grieved for the lost of his son.
  • Icarus' body was carried by the sea and the people called it the Icarian Sea as commemoration to his death.
  • Sicily
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