The mermaid wife

Updated: 9/8/2021
The mermaid wife

Storyboard Text

  • I wonder where my seal suit went?
  • I'll protect you as my wife!
  • I'm so sad! i don't have any protection!
  • I want to be with my mermaid husband
  • The man, seeing a very pretty mermaid, gets greedy and hides her means of camofloge.
  • I'm going to tell my mom what i found!
  • In the morning, the man goes out to the mermaid and offers her protection as his wife.
  • What! my seal suit!
  • oh no!
  • The mermaid is still sad about her family and husband, but her new husband is loving every minute.
  • come on honey, let's go home
  • Their child finds the seal suit, and proudly goes to show his mom what he found.
  • His mom sees the suit, and immidiatly puts it on and goes to join her family.
  • Her husband weeps while she's going into the water, joining her family once again.