Neolithic Revolution
Updated: 1/31/2020
Neolithic Revolution
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  • 5,00 year ago befor the invention of writing Prehistory were scientists who were trained to study acient people an rnrn work like a detective to uncover the story of pehistorie people. Later on, Artifacts were humans that made objects, like tools and jewerly. However, this was a trasitiong in the way of life by a group of people. They were able to share their understanding and even learn culture by observing and imitating people behavior in the society. In addition they were thought through writting and speaking.
  • Neolithic Age is also known as the "New Stone Age" this was defind by the production of pottery, stone chopping tools, growing crops and taming animales. In addition, Louis and Mary Leakey discovered a hominid fossil at Olduvai Gorge in Northern Tanzania and she decided to name it Homo Habilis: This was a hominid fossil named by Leakey which means "Man of Skill"; however, they eneded up finding other tools made of lava rock and they believed that the Homo Habilis usedb the tools to cut meat and crack open bones.
  • Homo Erectus was know as the "Upright man", they used technology ways of applying knowledge, tools, and inventions to meant their need for example skillful hunters and the inveted more sophisticaed tools food digging, scraping and cutting. Also the Cro-magnon is a group of prehistoric humans who migrated from North africa to Europe and Asia. Next they made tools made tools with superior hunting strategeis which allowed them to survived easily than the Neanderthal. However, the Neanderthal was a way of life in 1856. When mine workers digged for limestone in the Neander valley in German.
  • One  of the strategies the human use, when they tried controlling nature, was when higly mobile people moved from place to place, searching for new sources of food, they were called Nomads. Furthermore, their food supply depend on animal hunting and food collection which it was known as Hunter-gatheres. During this perid the Cro-magnon, increased their food supply by inventing tools little hunter crafted special spears. In addition, they used bone needled to sew clothing made of animal hives.
  • The Neolithic Revolution was a huge development for human culture because this was when human tried to control nature. Suddenly it shifted from foo-gathering to food-producing. The food production lead to other resources that they can benefit from it like Slash-and-burn farming meaning they started cutting tress or grasses and burned them to clear a field so they could plants more food. The left ashes fertilized the soil, and farmer move to new area land and repeated slashing-and-burn.
  • Domestication started right after slash-and-burn and the animals that were domesticated were mostly dogs and horses. Stone age hunters took animal herds into rocky ravines to slaughter; however, this farmers keep the animals as a steady source of food and gradually tame them.
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